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Roof damage and the Insurance claims process in Minnesota.

When most insurance providers get a claim for roof damage they view it as being from natural disasters as the cause of it was due to hail storm or natural disasters. That means that your premium or insurance rates won’t rise if you have a roof repair claim.

At Exteriors Plus, we help you through the process of making your insurance claim step by step. It is not wise to assume that you will be compensated for your storm damaged roof because your neighbor did. All situations are unique and so are all insurance policies. Before filing your Minnesota claim, review your policy and consult with the experts here at Exteriors Plus to gather enough evidence and documentation of the roofing damage to support your claim. Claims need expert inspections and opinions from reputable roofing companies like Exteriors Plus to be approved. A new roof can add significant value to your property and lasts for generations.


We specialize in insurance claims and are experts at hail damage, roofing inspections and roof repairs. We educate the homeowner on everything roof related, and streamline the process to provide impeccable service. We only hire professionals, our installation teams have a combined decades of experience and we understand the importance of your roof for aesthetic appeal, quality, property value and for the safety and protection of your most prized asset, your home. Call us today at 952-345-3408 and save a great deal on your roofing project.

How the Claims Process works with Exteriors plus.

Don’t waste time scheduling emergency repairs with Exteriors plus. The first thing we need is to inspect your roof upon first signs of storm damage, and then review a copy of the report that your insurance adjuster made. We’ll look it over carefully to ensure that any damage done to your roof has been properly photographed and documented. We then put a contract together that goes along with what your insurance company is willing to cover. We also recommend additional services such as repairs that are necessary.