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Has your roof been damaged by a Hail Storm? The roofers at Exteriors Plus in Savage can provide help and repair a roof that has suffered from hail damage.

Homeowners should never mistakenly believe their home was spared during a severe hail storm. If you have any questions about the safety and overall condition of your siding or roof, we urge you to contact us at 952-345-3408 immediately to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation inspection to determine exactly how your roof has been affected by a recent hail storm. We’ll assess the roof hail damage and deal with the insurance companies for you. Exteriors Plus is experienced at replacing and repairing siding and roofs and we make the process hassle free for the homeowner.

Savage homeowners need to be proactive about checking for hail damage on their siding and roofs. While hail is common in MN, in recent years above average hail storms have occurred in the Twin Cities and surrounding metro areas.

How Hail Damages a Roof

Hail is dangerous to your home’s roof because it damages and decreases the roof’s life expectancy. Damage to the roof occurs when the protective granular surface of the asphalt shingle loosens and falls off. With the granules removed the shingle loses some of its protection, shortening the life span of the roof and making it more susceptible to additional damage. Such damage can easily compound into leaks and additional structural damage, causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of more damage.

A Professional and Quality Roofing Contractor, Exteriors Plus has extensive experience helpingTwin Cities metro area homeowners with their Roof and siding Hail Damage and Storm Damage. We will assist you through the insurance claims process and provide the proper repairs and restorations to your Roof and Home. Please contact us today at 952-345-3408.


What do I do If I think I have hail damage?

If you’re a homeowner and think you may have hail damage, the first thing you should do is call Exteriors Plus at 952-345-3408 for a roof inspection. If one of our Experienced Inspectors determines you may have damage, your next step would be to file an insurance claim with your homeowners insurance company. A lot of people ask: “Will insurance pay for a new roof?” This depends on your policy and who you have on your team. One of our trained professionals can assist with determining whether the damage is functional or cosmetic in nature. We have a combined decades of Experience and specialize in assisting homeowners with hail damage to their siding, roof, decks and homes.

Wind Damage, Storm Damage, Hail Damage

Roofing materials are subject to severe damage from elements such as hail, strong winds and flying debris. Generally, roofs are not designed to withstand winds of severe hail storm and tornado intensity. However, roofs may also be damaged by winds of moderate intensity, with gusts that may reach 50 to 75 miles per hour. The primary cause of wind damage in Minnesota is from the partial vacuum created by wind blowing over the edge of the roof. Nature tries to neutralize the low-pressure area by bringing in air from a higher pressure area, usually from inside the building. This air pushes up on the bottom side of the roof assembly. Over time, it loosens fasteners and breaks the adhesion making the roof susceptible to damage from the next moderate or strong wind. To counteract the effects of wind-uplift forces, the roofing and insulation should be adequately fastened to the roof deck. Also a securely-fastened perimeter detail should be provided.