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The first thing visitors, passers by or potential buyers notice about your Minnesota home is the exterior siding, the roof, curb appeal and overall appearance. The siding on your home is equally used for protection as well as aesthetic appeal. It is the external shell of your house, therefore you want it to be properly maintained while providing an attractive appearance. The sun, hail, wind, rain, and most of the harsh elements in the Twin Cities will damage siding over time.

Here at Exteriors Plus Minnesota, we offer superior quality siding services that will help repair and maintain your siding for years to come. We also offer new siding installations in the precise color and design specifications you desire. We handle Insurance Claims, New Construction and all other siding jobs. Exteriors Plus is experienced in the expert installation of Vinyl, Cement Board, Engineered wood, Metal, Stone and Cedar Shake siding.

Get the style and durability you’ve always wanted with the right siding company. Exteriors Plus services are available all throughout Lakeville, Savage, Prior Lake, Shakopee, and the entire Twin Cities metro area.


How Much Does Matching Siding Coverage Cost?

Much like other home insurance products, the additional cost to your premium is related to the value and type of siding currently on your home. The good news is, this coverage is really affordable.

Siding on a home is the protective material attached to the exterior of your home’s structure. One of siding’s most noticeable purposes is aesthetics, since the material you choose greatly influences the look of your home. Siding also protects your home from weather, improves insulation and can impact the resale value of your home.
There are many options for the type of siding on a home, but two of the most popular are vinyl and metal:

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most common types of siding because of its durability, affordability, color options and textures. Vinyl can be installed quickly, even over existing materials, which helps reduce labor costs.

Metal siding

Long lasting and durable, metal siding is another popular option because it outlives many other types of exterior materials. You can choose a metal siding that actually looks like metal or a more natural look with imitation wood made from metals.

The Importance of Matching Siding

Why is it important to have matching siding? For starters, a home with matching siding simply looks better! But it also can affect the value of your home. Mismatched siding may reduce the amount your home is worth, so having this matching siding coverage in place before there’s a covered loss is important if you want to maintain matching siding as well as sustain the value of your home.

Vinyl and Metal Siding Coverage

Wind storms and hail damage to siding are very common in our Minnesota climate. Hail as small as 0.75” can significantly damage your siding systems, and the damage is not always obvious to homeowners.

Sometimes homeowners don’t notice leaking and/or structural damage to the house until after several years. This is because the material could sustain cracks during a storm which become bigger with time and cause the roof or siding to fail.

Wind damage is much more obvious. When you notice missing or loose pieces on your roof or siding you should contact a specialist to inspect and plan the necessary repairs or replacements to prevent more serious damages to your property.

In almost every case, homeowner’s insurance will cover the costs of repair and replacement due to wind and hail damage. Here at Exteriors Plus, we specialize in helping homeowners navigate the insurance claim process to ensure that all damages are documented and assessed correctly and completely.

The first step is to schedule a free inspection by calling us at 952-345-3408 to determine if your property has in fact sustained damage and then we can advise you on whether to open an insurance claim.

Matching Undamaged Vinyl or Metal Siding Coverage

Though you work hard to protect your home, you can still be faced with unexpected challenges. For instance, if the vinyl or metal siding of your home experiences wind damage or tornado damage, finding replacement siding that’s an exact match can be difficult.

While your homeowners insurance replaces siding damage from specific types of losses, it only covers the parts of your home that are damaged — which can be a bigger deal than you’d think.

Let’s say the siding on two sides of your home blew off during a windstorm. Sure, wind is a covered loss and your homeowners policy will help pay to replace the siding that’s damaged or missing. But here’s the dilemma — when you contact the siding manufacturer, you may find out that they discontinued your original siding. Now, you have to choose a different type of siding and it doesn’t match!
This problem is actually pretty common — we’re here to help, with our matching undamaged vinyl or metal siding coverage.