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A traditional roof inspection would require an actual person to walk on the roof surface. Even though, with all precautions, going up people’s houses to check on their roofing is risky enough, we are now faced with another threat—Covid19. How can using drones for roof inspections help keep contractors, processes and customers and their families safe?

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This disease, which could be deadly to some groups of people, has pushed many businesses to temporarily cease operations. Moreover, a number of cities are now under enhanced community social distancing. Here at Exteriors Plus, we remain open for business, helping our customers protect their most valuable assets, their homes, while practicing a high level of precaution and adhering to updated social distancing guidelines. Additionally, we perform 100% of our projects remotely.

With hail and storm season upon us, your roof may become a hazard to you and your family. Bad timing, isn't it? Delaying inspection and repair can lead to a whole lot of problems which could potentially get worse, more costly and threaten the value of your home.

Using Drones for Roof Inspection Lessens Likelihood of Exposure to our current unsafe climate

Covid19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus that targets the respiratory system. Like everyone else, roofing and inspection companies fear that a typical field inspection could expose their crews and customers to this deadly coronavirus.

Most people who contract the virus will suffer from mild to moderate respiratory illness. A healthy individual has a high chance of recovering without requiring special treatment. On the other hand, the virus poses a lethal threat to those who have underlying medical problems such as cardiovascular disease. Also, people with chronic respiratory disease, cancer, and diabetes should do what they can to avoid the infection. Therefore, physical distancing has become a necessity.

The Rise of Drones in Home Inspection

Real Estate agents have been using drones for aerial coverage of properties in virtual tours. With that, these machines help enhance the home buying experience.

So why not use drones for home inspections? Drones can give inspectors enhanced efficiency when it comes to gathering precise images and photographs needed for them to document their inspection results.

Still not convinced?

Here are a number of benefits to using drones for inspections:

  1. A better view of the property being inspected. The inspector can have a birds-eye view or a more personal view of the inspection area.
  2. More affordable aerial photos. The rising demand for drones for inspection and the increasing number of companies providing this service has made aerial photography more affordable and accessible.
  3. Safer Inspection. The use of drones will eliminate the need for someone to go out there to climb up on peoples roofs. This lessens the chance of a person to come in close proximity to an unsafe situation. It also help the inspectors avoid unsafe situations and surfaces. In these times when physical distancing is important, drones are indeed helpful.
  4. Better, faster Inspection. Drones can gather more in-depth data of the inspection area in a fraction of a time that conventional inspection methods take.
  5. Future Possibilities. These drones can make inspections easier and faster. In addition, these modern imaging technologies can make roof inspections safer even when Covid19 is no longer a threat.

Would You Trust a Drone Service for Your Roof Inspection?

Given the situation, it is a wise choice. Having someone climb up roofs that could be too steep could turn into a liability. The same is true with roofs that could sustain hail and storm damage at any time. The increasing costs of liability insurance can be a big burden for contractors.

For the benefit of everyone, it is best to use safe practices during inspections. What better way to do it than a drone? Also, further damage to property can be avoided through this method.

How is it done?

The process involves having a drone pilot operate a helicopter-like tool that is fitted with a camera. In this present situation, where the coronavirus still presents a huge threat, the drone pilot can work from a location that is safe to avoid potential exposure to covid19. The drone takes photographs or records videos in very little time. The inspectors will then use them to evaluate the condition of a roof.

Furthermore, without having to climb up and risk injury, inspectors can see flashing around the chimneys. They can take a closer look at vents. They'd be able to see if there is a tear or hail damage to gutters, or if the drains and downspouts have dislodged. The drone allows inspectors to see the same things that physical inspection allows one to see. This includes the ability to examine the siding, decks, structural supports and much more.

If you need a roof inspection, reach out to Exteriors Plus today at 952-345-3408. We will remotely perform professional inspections and make sure we complete all projects remotely with the best precautions in place.

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