Whether you’re building a new home or renovating the one you already have, you have some important decisions to make when it comes to roofing. One of the first and biggest is the type of roof you want. There are different roof styles, so you need to choose the one that appeals to your taste.

At Exteriors Plus, we’re known as the expert roofing contractor throughout Savage and neighboring areas in the Twin Cities. Our team would be more than happy to explain the four most popular roof types, so read on.


Flat Roof

A flat roof is among the most simple roof designs you can pick. There’s not much to it because it’s quite literally just a flat-surface roof. They do, however, have a slight slope for water drainage. Flat roofs have a clean look to them, so they’re a popular choice for modern-style homes.

Gable Roof

When you think of a traditional, stereotypical roof, it’s likely a gable roof. Local roofing companies can tell you that it’s by far one of the most popular roof choices in Minnesota. Gable roofs are easy to build, which makes them an affordable roof style.

Hip Roof

Another popular roof style you’ll see throughout the Twin Cities is hip roofs. This type is built with four equal slopes that meet at a ridge on the top. Hip roofs are practical because they’ll provide shade over all sides of your house.

Shed Roof

Shed roofs are often seen on modern-style homes. They only feature one slope toward one side, so they stand out from other roofing work. Roof sheds were traditionally meant for sheds and porches, but their unique look makes them attractive for modern builds.