What is the Labor Cost to Install a Shingle Roof?


At Exteriors Plus, we provide professional roofing services you can depend on in the Twin Cities. Your roof is a critical component of your home, as it protects you from hazardous weather. We want to offer you the best services possible, at affordable prices with the help of our roofing contractors! Roofing Insights is an online business school we partner with that provides the best business practices possible so we can ensure components such as vetting, reputation, and more are met to the highest standards. Want to learn more? Read about our recent roofing projects we have done!



Before you make a decision on who to hire to install your shingle roof, you should make sure you investigate the company or individual you want to use. At Exteriors Plus, our roofing contractors partnered with Roofing Insights to ensure every professional contractor is educated on the best business practices.

Shingle Types

The various types of asphalt roof shingles can be classified into three categories: Strip shingles, dimensional shingles, and luxury shingles. All of these options provide different features that will also determine the cost you might pay for labor. At Exteriors Plus, we provide quality installation at affordable prices so you can get the shingle roof you deserve!

Size Of Roof

The size of roof you want is an important factor when you want to determine what your labor costs might look like. If your house is smaller in square feet, you will pay less for labor, as opposed to a larger house that has more roof to cover for installation. At Exteriors Plus, we make sure no matter how much installation you require, we work with you to ensure you get a fair price.

Bbb Accredited

At Exteriors Plus, we are a BBB-accredited roofing contractor with more than 20 years of experience. Moreover, we want to work with you to ensure what kind of roofing solution fits your needs. We want your trust and are committed to solving any of your concerns.

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last?


Since the 1950s, vinyl siding has gained popularity due to its appearance and durability. At Exteriors Plus in Savage, Minnesota, we specialize in home exterior renovations and often recommend vinyl siding for our customers. Replacing the siding on your home can be a big task which is why we also recommend hiring a siding contractor to do the work for you. We love waking up every day knowing that our services go towards serving our customers. If you are considering vinyl siding for your home, here’s how long you can expect it to last – spoiler alert – it’s a long time.



Vinyl siding requires very little maintenance. The materials vinyl siding is made of naturally resists grime and are pest and rot resistant, allowing you to rest assured that your home will be very protected from the elements. You do, however, want to clean the sides of your home once a year to check for any damage and to make sure your house is clean.


Vinyl siding is created to withstand damage from hail, ice, and other inclement weather. For this reason, you often do not have to worry about replacing siding. This durability makes vinyl siding a very good choice for your home, especially given the commonality of thunderstorms in Minnesota. While you do want to check for damage every now and then, it is not a big concern. For questions regarding the installation of siding on your home, reach out to us today!

Long Lifespan

With increased durability and even lack of maintenance required, vinyl siding can last for 40-60 years. In some cases, this material can last for up to 100 years! This is one of the biggest reasons we often recommend this siding. As a vinyl siding contractor, we want our customers to be happy with our work and the products we use and nothing is more pleasing than having siding that will last for an entire lifetime. Check out some of the projects we have done lately to see how we can serve you.


Vinyl siding is relatively easy to install and replace. It is an extremely versatile siding material, which makes it easier to replace than wood siding. But, because it is so durable, it rarely requires replacement and even though it is pretty easy to install, we recommend hiring a professional to do it.

How to Do A Roof Inspection

Did you know that you should inspect your home’s roof at least once a year? If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably forgotten to keep up with this aspect of home maintenance. Your roof is critical to protecting your family, so it’s important to inspect it to ensure it’s safe and in the proper condition.

At Exteriors Plus, we provide professional roofing services throughout Savage and surrounding areas. We know how to do a roof inspection right, so today, we’ll guide you through it.


Start At The Ground Level

You may think your roof inspection should start on the roof, but you should actually begin on the ground. From this vantage point, you’ll easily notice clear signs of damage or sagging if they exist. As an expert roofing contractor, we recommend that you take notes of any problems you notice so you can remember to look at them more closely later.

Inspect The Gutters

Your home’s gutters are essential for moving water away from the house and preventing water damage. During your inspection, be sure to look at your gutters to ensure they’re not damaged or blocked.

Check For Damage Or Missing Shingles

When your roof is damaged or has missing or broken shingles, it’s less likely to protect your family and home the way it should. It’s ideal for your roof to be in near perfect condition, so it’ll withstand harsh Minnesota weather. Our Exteriors Plus team suggests repairing any signs of damage, no matter how small, before they worsen into serious problems.

Follow Up With An Expert Opinion

When your roof inspection is complete, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to local roofing companies in the area for an expert opinion. By doing so, you can get additional reassurance that your roof is in great shape or that it needs repairs.

4 Reasons Your Roof Is Leaking

Have you noticed signs your roof is leaking? There could be water spots on your walls, stains on your ceilings, or an obvious drip or puddle of water. When this happens, you may wonder what’s causing it.

Exteriors Plus is an expert roofing contractor in the Twin Cities. Today, we’re going to share four reasons why your roof is leaking. Read on, and give us a call so we can help.


Your Roof Is Damaged

When you’re trying to identify the cause of a roof leak, the first starting point is the roof itself. Inspect it yourself or look into local roofing companies that can do so for you. Holes, damaged or missing shingles, and other types of damage can leave your roof susceptible to water.

Your Gutters Are Clogged Or Damaged

Do you clean your gutters routinely? It’s important to keep up with that because gutters are essential for keeping water away from your roof and home. If they’re clogged — or even worse, damaged — they won’t work properly anymore. Clear them if they’re jammed or contact us to repair them if they’re broken.

Your Roof Is Worn Down

Depending on the age of your roof, it could be getting worn down. Over time, harsh Minnesota weather conditions and other factors wear it down and cause the roof to deteriorate. As a result, water could easily find a way inside. You’ll need an experienced roofing company to replace your roof.

Your Chimney or Skylight Was Installed Improperly

Does your home have any skylights or a chimney? If so, and you’re experiencing leaks, it could be because either of those wasn’t installed properly. Our Exteriors Plus team suggests getting them resealed to correct this.