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Keep Your Home Safe and Increase Property Values With a Brand New Roof


Typically, most people don’t spend their days thinking about their roofs, until things go wrong. Believe it or not, your roof is one of the most important aspects of your home, as it keeps you and your family protected from the outside elements, and it offers an aesthetic aspect as well. If your roof is in bad shape, reach out to our team at Exteriors Plus in Burnsville. We offer industry-leading roofing services for homes in and around the Burnsville area. Reach out to us for a free estimate or to schedule roofing services today!



  • After a storm — If a large storm has recently passed through your area, it’s wise to schedule a roofing inspection to ensure everything is as it should be.
  • Visible shingle damage — If you can see loose shingles on or around your roof, scheduling a roof inspection is a must, as you likely need roof repair or possibly a full roof replacement.
  • Problems with gutters — Your gutters help redistribute water to protect your home, so if you’re having issues with the gutters on your home, call Exteriors Plus for a roof inspection, as the two are likely related.
  • Moisture in the attic — A telltale sign of roofing issues is moisture in the attic. If you notice standing water, water stains, a strange smell, or any sort of mold or mildew growth, call for a roofing inspection right away.
  • Peeling paint near your roofline — Peeling paint may indicate humidity buildup, which can cause long-term problems for your home. If your paint is peeling away from your roofline, schedule a roofing inspection.


When it comes to your home, you always want to do what’s best, but sometimes, it can be hard to know what that is. Luckily for you, Exteriors Plus makes it easy. We truly care for each and every one of our customers, and we’ll always make sure we do what’s best for your home and your roof.

With more than two decades of experience in the roofing industry, we’ve streamlined our processes to be as high-quality and efficient as possible. We can complete your roof in a single day, no gimmicks, so you don’t have to worry about us disrupting your daily routine for days on end. Reach out to us today to learn more about roofing in Burnsville, MN or to schedule your free estimate or inspection today!


Roof Installation

The decision to install a new roof can be exciting. The type of roof you choose can have an impact on your home’s insulation, curb appeal and ability to weather extremes.

It is important to think about practical aspects such as your budget, the structure of your roof framing and local building codes. The architectural style of your house can also impact the choice of roofing material.

Exteriors Plus can help choose the best roof type for your home:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Cedar Shake

It is important to take into account the expected lifespan and cost of installation when calculating the cost for a new roof. Although roofing materials can be more expensive per square footage, some will last longer and withstand harsher conditions.

Roof Repair

All weather conditions can cause damage to homes, including hail, snow and strong winds. The roof can also be damaged by storms or fallen objects such as trees.

Don’t wait for visible damage or signs of leakage to become apparent. You can make sure that your roof is resilient to any weather by having it checked regularly. It will prolong your roof’s lifespan and help you avoid costly repairs.

The cost of roofing depends on many factors including the extent and costs of repairs, roofing materials, labor costs, and other factors. For a no-cost roofing estimate, contact us today!

Roof Replacement

It is worth considering replacing your roof when it has reached the end of its useful life or has serious structural issues. You might be ready to replace your roof if the following conditions are met.

  • Your roof is too old.
  • Your roof can sag, or even collapse at the lowest points
  • Roof has unstable support structure
  • The roof inspection revealed that the attic had significant water damage.
  • You may notice signs of trapped water, such as extensive areas of mold or moss.

While replacing a roof is expensive, a quality roof that lasts many years will not need repair. It can improve curb appeal and increase the value of your home. Exteriors Plus can help you with a roof inspection or a quote on a roof replacement.


Burnsville, MN is a small suburban city located just south of Minneapolis. The city has a population of around 61,000 and is known for its strong community spirit and abundance of parks and trails.


Burnsville, Minnesota, lies just 15 miles south of downtown Minneapolis in Dakota County. This city is perched on a bluff overlooking the south bank of the Minnesota River, upstream from the confluence of the Mississippi and the Minnesota rivers. Burnsville, Minnesota is a popular destination for families with children and young professionals, and is home to nearly 20,000 residents. 

The most prominent group of people in Burnsville, Minnesota is African American. In addition, more than a quarter of the population is foreign-born, compared to a third of Americans. The average age of a person in Burnsville is 31.6 years old, and one-third of the population is under the age of 15.


Burnsville is known for its great schools. The city has been ranked as one of the best places to raise a family by several different publications. Schools in Burnsville are known for their strong academic programs and excellent extracurricular offerings.

The Burnsville Public School District serves a population of about 1,39298 students. In terms of enrollment and educational attainment, the district spends an average of $15,096 per student per year.


Tourists flock to Burnsville every year to enjoy the town’s unique attractions. Situated in Dakota County, about 15 miles south of Minneapolis, the town sits on a bluff overlooking the south bank of the Minnesota River. The town is also upstream from the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers. In addition to being home to a number of museums, Burnsville is also known for its extensive golf courses.

One of the most popular parks in Burnsville is Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The park is home to more than 500 species of animals, including deer, foxes, bears, and bald eagles. Visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing, and bird watching in the park’s many trails and wildlife areas.

Another popular attraction in Burnsville is the Nicollet Mall. The mall stretches for nearly a mile and features a variety of shops and restaurants. It is also home to the Burnsville Performing Arts Center, which hosts concerts and other performances throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a small city with a big heart, Burnsville is the place for you. From its great parks and schools to its thriving businesses and vibrant arts scene, there is something for everyone in this Minnesota gem.


  • Southwind.
  • Wood Park.
  • Burnhaven Woods.
  • Burnsville Heights.
  • Southcross.
  • Orchard Garden.
  • Burnsville North.
  • Burnsville South.

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