As winter draws to a close, it’s crucial to get your house ready for the arrival of spring. As you start spring cleaning, remember to pay attention to a sometimes forgotten area of your home: the roof! 

Before spring arrives, you should examine your roof for any external or interior damage that the harsh winter weather may have caused. Discover the five items on your roof you need to check by reading on.

1. Shingles


Any missing, broken, or worn shingles are the first and most apparent item you should look for. Due to the cold, ice, and snow during the winter, shingles can develop rips or cracks. You may need to use a ladder and climb onto your roof to conduct a thorough check. A dependable expert, such as those at Exterior Plus, will be able to do this for you while taking the necessary safety measures.

2. Gutters

Next, you should check that your gutters are free of debris. This material may be cleared manually by you or a professional. Once everything has been cleaned out, use a hose to spray water through your gutter to check for obstructions or leaks in the downspouts. After that, examine your gutters to ensure they are still attached to the outside of your property and haven’t been ripped away.

3. Flashing

Homeowners often disregard flashing despite being a crucial component of your roofing system. Your roof’s thin perimeter protection, built around key locations, channels water away and guards against leaks and water damage. Reduced water flow might have harmed your flashing if your gutters developed any accumulation or damage throughout the winter. So be careful to look for gaps, breaks, or missing parts in the flashing.

4. Chimney

Your chimney is another item to check. Keep an eye out for any accumulation of white spots on the chimney of your roof. These stains indicate that your chimney is accumulating water, which might result in leaks. Also, check if your chimney’s seals or exterior are damaged. Never be concerned about water entering your chimney because you could have a leaky roof if it does.

5. Attic

Following a thorough inspection of your roof’s exterior, you should go inside to see if any damage has been done. Examine your attic with a flashlight. Look for any leaks, sagging, cracks, or ventilation problems. Any of these are clear indications that your roof needs repairs quickly. Additionally, you should inspect the insulation to ensure it is undamaged and in excellent shape.



Get a professional inspection done immediately if your roof shows any signs of deterioration. You’ll save money by avoiding future expensive repairs and feel safer knowing that your roof is prepared for the warmer spring weather! Contact Exteriors Plus immediately if you want assistance with checking or fixing the roof of your house. We look forward to assisting you in making your house a top priority!