Siding is almost exactly what it sounds like: it’s the material used on the exterior walls of a home in order to protect it from the elements and to maintain optimal comfort. For Minnesota families and homeowners in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, Exteriors Plus is the best possible siding contractor to contact about managing your home’s current exterior. Our premiere services are available in order to make sure your lifelong investment weathers the hail, wind, snow, and rain it is guaranteed to encounter. Discover why Exteriors Plus is the best vinyl siding contractor and get in touch with us anytime to learn more!


Specialized Work In Vinyl

There are several different types of residential siding that can be installed in order to ensure proper exterior coverage. At Exteriors Plus, we specialize in helping homeowners install the right type of protection based on both aesthetics and cost; vinyl, for example, is one of the most common types of siding that can be installed quickly and comes in several colors and textures. Our staff specializes in installing durable, affordable vinyl siding panels as well as another common type: metal. Discover which type is best for your home!

Both Repairs & Replacements Available

Whether your home’s exterior needs a little help, or needs a complete overhaul, Exteriors Plus’ siding contractors can take care of both repairs and replacements entirely for your benefit. Due to us working specifically with metal and vinyl siding, we are more than capable of outfitting your residential structure with sturdy, durable, and protective materials. How do you know if you need our help? Contact the best vinyl siding contractors in the Twin Cities if you notice any of the following signs:

  • You find yourself needing to repaint often
  • You can see visual signs of decay (rot, fungus, mildew, mold)
  • The siding itself is loose, cracked, or starting to fade
  • There are holes or bubbles in your siding

Focuses On The Community

Exteriors Plus, based out of Savage, MN, is a proud partner of our community. Our locally-owned and operated siding contracting company has more than 20 years of experience in home restoration, and our commitment to quality is unwavering. Our founder and CEO, Quy Bui, is proud to incorporate strong family values into everything we do, maintaining an attitude of generosity. Experience our siding contractors’ professionalism by contacting us today!

Style & Durability

It’s not enough to invest in siding repairs or replacements for your home — it’s important to make style and durability a high priority. Exteriors Plus will help you install the right materials so all exterior sides of your home match, increasing its curb appeal, aesthetics, and overall property value. Let us help you remove old, decrepit siding panels and replace them with beautiful, clean new materials, designed to weather harsh storm after harsh storm.

Choose The Vinyl Siding Contractors At Exteriors Plus

Your home restoration and improvement projects need to be completed by the best team available in the Twin Cities area — and that’s Exteriors Plus. Our siding contractors will work with you to choose the right siding materials, installing them effectively and making your home more energy-efficient overall. Let us help you navigate where to take your home’s siding and contact us online whenever you’re ready!